Bat Cave

Caballo LakeCaballo Lake as seen from the parking area

Bat CaveBat Cave as seen from the Gray Wall

Metallic GrayMike Tritt coming up Metallic Gray

View from Parking AreaBat Cave and Metallic Gray as seen from the parking area

Metallic Gray 9
FA: Vaino Kodas, Mike Tritt, 2010
This route climbs the right side of a buttress forming the right side of the Gray Wall (aka Super Hero Wall). Walk around the corner from the main Gray Wall routes and look for a line of gray bolts angling up and right. The climb has 3 pitches, any of which can be combined (ok....except for maybe combining the first and third without doing the second, although you MIGHT be able to combine all three [not sure about required rope length]) but watch for rope drag. The climb takes an exciting line with great views, and has some very interesting features. You can rappel in three raps with one rope.