The Balcony

The Balcony is a terrace located just up and right from Super Slab. There are three main formations here. The left formation contains 9 routes, the middle formation contains Rodent Outhouse and Jugornaut. The right-most formation is called the Front Porch, and has 3 routes.

The Balcony, Left FormationThe Balcony, Left Formation

Dr. Evil 10b
FA: Vaino Kodas, Chris Morath, 2006
This is the furthest left route on the Balcony. There is a single belay bolt located at the base of the route. It is a good idea to use this bolt and belay a little to the right of the route so that you do not accidentally knock any rocks down onto people climbing at the Super Slab. Climb through some fun pockets on a bulge and make one last move to gain the anchors. 6 bolts

Evil Medical School 10b
FA: Vaino Kodas, Jen Payne, 2009
This is the second route from the left on the Balcony. Climb up past the single belay bolt (close to the ground) on Dr. Evil and move up and right. Climb up past a bulge moving right to easier climbing above. 7 bolts?

Angry Sea Bass 9
FA: Jen Payne, Vaino Kodas, October 2008
This is the third route from the left. Start just right of a bush. Climb past one bolt to a small ledge and continue up the face above. 6 bolts

Sharks With Friggin' Laser Beams 9
FA: Jen Payne, Vaino Kodas, October 2008
This is the fourth route from the left, and starts just right of Angry Sea Bass. Climb past two bolts to a small ledge and then up the left margin of a black streak. Move over into the black streak near the the top. 8 bolts

Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery 9

Cobzilla 9

Chupacobbler 10a
FA: Vaino Kodas, Treva Pierce, Chris Morath, Michelle Montgomery, and "Rusty", 2009
This climbs up a green streek toward the right end of the Balcony. It is the third route from the right. 7 bolts?

Mr. Bigglesworth 9

Mini Me 8
FA: Vaino Kodas, Chris Morath, 2006
This is the furthest right route on the left formation on the Balcony. Belay next to the roots of a large fallen dead tree. Climb the well-protected pocketed face above. 7 bolts

Balcony, Middle FormationThe Balcony, Middle Formation

Rodent Outhouse 11b/c
FA: Vaino Kodas, Chris Morath, 2006
This route is on the middle formation on the Balcony, just left of Jugornaut. Continuous climbing leads to a large ledge - The Rodent Outhouse. Two more bolts lead to the anchor. 7 bolts