Boulder Canyon

Hillbilly Rocks

Park just after the Riviera/Bihedral area, on the first pullout on the right, where the road becomes two uphill lanes. The lower rock, (Hillbilly Rock #1) can be reached by hiking up a steep drainage/ravine directly above the parking area for about 5-10 min. The upper rocks (Hillbilly Rocks #2 and #3) are about another 20 minutes up and to the left. However, the best approach to Rocks #2 and #3 is from above, by continuing west past the Solar Dome and then dropping down. The rocks can be seen from the lower end of the pull-out across from the Inca Stone. Hillbilly Rock #3 has a distinctive slender pine, with no low branches, right in front of it. Rock #2 is 300 feet left and down (approximately southwest) from Rock #3.

Hillbilly Rock #1

Hillbilly Rock#1Hillbilly Rock #1

I Reckon 12a
FA: Vaino Kodas, Bob D'Antonio, 2001
On the far left of the rock, climb a black face on thin holds past 4 bolts.

Boy Howdy 11b
FA: Kodas, D'Antonio, 2001
Do a tricky move to gain a right-angling ramp. Follow the ramp, cut back left at a horizontal seam, and then struggle over the small roof. 4 bolts.

Like Water for Bob 10b
FA: D'Antonio, Kodas, 2001
Climb up to a ledge, move up and left past a reachy move to gain easier climbing. 5 bolts.

I'll be Dipped 10b
FA: Kodas, D'Antonio, 2001
On the far right, a large tree can be seen projecting out of the cliff, up high. Climb past 5 bolts below the tree, and finish just to the right of the tree. 5 bolts.

Square Dance 10b
FA: D'Antonio Kodas, 2001
Climb to the first bolt of I'll be Dipped. Move up and right on a ramp past two more bolts. Then go straight up past a small left facing-corner to a two-bolt belay. 5 bolts.

Hoo-doggy 8
FA: Mary Zuvela, Vaino Kodas, 2001
Climb past the first three bolts of Square Dance. Continue on the large right-angling ramp until you can move up and left to the anchor of Square Dance. 6 bolts.

Hillbilly Rock #2

Hillbilly Rock#2Hillbilly Rock #2, Left Side

Dagnabitol 10d
FA: Bob D'Antonio, Vaino Kodas, 2001
Climb a left facing corner to gain a large ledge. Move left to the left-most of two small right facing corners. Follow this past two bolts, step left to a bolt, and then back right into a crack to the top. 6 bolts.

Heavy Cipherin' 11a
FA: D'Antonio, Kodas, 2001
Start as for Dagnabitol. From the big ledge, ascend the right-most of the two small corners. Move left to join the last two bolts of Dagnabitol. 7 bolts.

Hillbilly Rock #2Hillbilly Rock #2, Right Side

By Cracky 11b
FA: Kodas, D'Antonio, 2001
Ascend the nice-looking left facing corner in the middle of the rock. Exit right, and save a little strength for the finishing moves. 7 bolts.

Hankerin' in the Midsection 10b
FA: D'Antonio, Kodas, 2001
At the right end of the cliff, climb past three bolts to a ledge. Move up the corner past one more bolt to the anchors. 4 bolts.

Hillbilly Rock #3

Hillbilly Rock #3Hillbilly Rock #3

Pesky Varmints 11b
FA: Vaino Kodas, D'Antonio, 2001
On the far left side of the cliff, move up and right on overhanging rock past 4 bolts.

Moonshine 11a
FA: D'Antonio, Kodas, 2001
Balance up the face past 4 bolts.

Edge-a-macation 12a
FA: Kodas, D'Antonio, 2001
Between the large left facing corner, and Moonshine, climb up the face on small edges, past 5 bolts.

Book Learnin' 10d
FA: Kodas, D'Antonio, 2001
Ascend the beautiful left facing corner in the middle of the cliff, past 4 bolts, moving left at the end.

Jethro 10d
FA: D'Antonio, Kodas, 2001
On the right side of the cliff, step up to a sloping ramp below a roof. Move left around the roof and up to the anchors. 4 bolts.

Ellie May 10d
FA: D'Antonio, Kodas, 2001
Begin just right of Jethro. Climb directly over the roof and continue straight up to another interesting section over a bulging corner. 4 bolts.

Boulder Canyon
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